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Caliana Design has been in the making for a long time. My sewing journey started in high school. I took the class thinking it would be such an easy class, but ended up thinking, why did I sign up for this class?

My final project was a Christmas Stocking, complete with hand embroidery of my name. I learned about patience and attention to details for this project. I think I made at least two other stocking before I was happy with the one I turned in. My handwork paid off because I passed the class with flying colors. Ever since then I’ve hung that stocking every year and I’ve been hooked to sewing since then.

A pattern I’ve drafted 8 years ago, is finally into testing. I cannot wait to share with you all the designs I have been saving.

Caliana Design will soon offer PDF Sewing Patterns online via Etsy and this website.

Stop by Cindy Parrett Blog for tester calls, tester round up, blog tours, contest, giveaways, new pattern releases, and sneak peaks.

Follow our Caliana Design Sewing Circle at Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to get the latest and greatest. Once I figure out Snapchat, I’ll share with you the chaos that is behind the scene at Caliana Design.


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