Military Life

There are times when I wonder, “why the heck are we doing this?” But there are times when I think “I don’t think I would know how to live “normally” outside the Military’s version of normalcy” I have always had ties with the Military, first through my father who served in the Navy for 20 years, then myself through the Army for 5 years, and now through my husband. Though there are times when I wonder why, I cannot count the many opportunities we could not have otherwise without the Military.

I know to many the Military is a mystery, others is a big controversy, especially with the conflict overseas. But without the brave men and women who served and is currently serving, we would not have all the wonderful things we take for granted.

If you cannot tell already, I am very proud to have grown up as Military Child, to serve and is as a Veteran, and now as a Military Spouse. I was born and until I was nine years old, I grew up outside of the United States, I was exposed to the hardship and struggles we only read about in newspaper and see in snippets of the news on the television or the internet. So when I moved the United States and learned about the history, the sacrifices and struggles that Americans had to go through in order to secure the rights and privileges they and I have now, I wanted to be one of the people who helped protect those rights.

The following posts in this page are related to being associated with the Military and being a Military Family. While I understand that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, please do not post negative comments or bash what I have to say about being associated with the Military. Please respect this request and I thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation.

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